August 2006

New features:

24.8.2006 Auto Material(v0.94)
simple materials, which just are a combination of shader and textures, can now be autogenerated using a special string as material filename. This saves time from writing very basic mtl files.
16.8.2006 Software Vertex Programs(v0.94)
on some older hardware vertexprograms are emulated, those are detected better now and will default the gpuprogram useage off, as software workaround of luxinia is faster.
23.8.2006 Texture funcs(v0.94)
textures can be swapped with a new command. Also textures can be packed. 3 or 4 8-bit textures can be packed to a single texture, where each orginal texture becomes a color/alpha channel.
15.8.2006 Bloom (v0.94)
Several improvements to using baseshaders and framefx allowed adding a simple bloom effect.

12.8.2006 Skydemo (v0.94)
A demo for interactive skysimulation is being currently written.
11.8.2006 List3DView? Background (v0.94)
Rendering the background is no longer a must, it can be disabled and manually inserted into the layer drawing with framefx.clear class. This way you can for efficiency render the background after all opaque surfaces, before the transparent surfaces.
10.8.2006 SHD,PRT,MTL Parser branching (v.94)
The Parser for the effect scripts supports "IF,ELSEIF,ELSE" branching. You can define conditions (similar to preprocessor) before loading with resource.condition, the parser will then execute the proper parts. This way detail settings or hardware specific paths can be setup.
7.8.2006 Projectors not limited (v0.94)
All 32 Projectors per l3dset can now affect the same object. The multi-pass rendering of many projectors on the same object, was optimized. However it's still not advisable to use too many projectors on the same surface. The projectors will also try to make use of the "alphaTEX" mask, that can be defined in the shader. As well it costs performance, so only use it when it has to.
5.8.2006 Shader rgb/alpha scale (v0.94)
RGB and Alpha output of a texture combiner can be scaled with 2 or 4. Especially for lightmaps this is useful for improving contrast and color richness. Textures also have a lightmapscale property, which is the scale factor used when this texture is bound as lightmap.
2.8.2006 Shader texcombiner (v0.94)
The user can define his own combiners using the texcombiner class. This means a lot more customisation and optimisation is possible, as well as more complex texture shaders, while still running on older non-pixel shader cards.
1.8.2006 Shader texgen (v0.94)
Textures can be clamped per axis. When eyelinear- or objlinear texcoord generation is used the user can define the planes as well.


  • prt,mtl,shd parser errors
  • shadow model, bugfix when being inside shadowvolume
  • tga, 8 bit load/save was inappropriate
  • framefx & baseshaders, various fixes
  • input.freelook, setting to false once activated, now properly returns to the position the camera was linked to before
  • shader newpass, the newpass mechanism for manual texture combiner setups had several errors in the pass blendmodes
  • trail points, modifying trail points did not result into visible changes (did not set a recompile of the trailmesh) this is fixed.
  • animation reload, when animations were reloaded the running playback of nodes that used them did not work.
  • vistest accuracy, the accuracy of the visibility of projectos and cameras was sometimes too little. Now less nodes pass the test, which means less "invisible" nodes are still processed, which allows more FPS.
  • scenenode, linking could sometimes create errors, is fixed now.