July 2006

New features:

24.7.2006 .png support (v0.94)
PNG loading is now supported.
23.7.2006 resource chunk vbo (v0.94)
The reschunks now get their own VBO lists shared by all models that are loaded within the reschunk. VBOs? are linearely filled by the models of the reschunk. This further optimizes rendering speeds for VBO models, as far less VBOs? are used.
22.7.2006 l3dlevelmodel and quake3 conversion
(v0.93a): Further improvement to the mesh conversion of .bsp levels. The screenshot also shows the capability of loading multiple .bsp levels and use each as a normal l3dnode.

21.7.2006 l3dlevelmodel and quake3 conversion
(v0.94): The LuxF3D convertor supports quake3 levels and generates .f3d files with some special texturenames and also composes lightmap atlasses. The l3dlevelmodel class can load a single big mesh and split it into subchunks for the octree visibility testing. It also applys the lightmaps automatically.

21.7.2006 GUI (v0.94)
The GUI is being updated and gets two new component types: Comboboxes and listviews.
12.7.2006 l3dview polygonoffset (v0.93)
Polygonoffset, is useful for creating better shadowmaps, as it allows to nodge the z-depth of polygons based on slope and constant bias.
9.7.2006 Stencil Shadow Model (v0.93)
Finally the stencil shadow models fully work. As long as the mesh is closed the volumes can be generated well. Combined with a framefx blend, you can darken all areas that lie within the shadow.
7.7.2006 Particle Instancing (v0.93)
The instanced meshes also support global-axis parameter, which is for practical use when scattering detail objects.

6.7.2006 Camera Reflection Plane (v0.93)
You can pass an arbitrary plane equation to a camera and the objects will be reflected at it. Combined with the clipplane and render to texture support it is practical for generating reflectionmaps.
4.7.2006 List2D? Tree (v0.93)
l2dnodes are now organised as tree, this makes it easier to make GUIs? were elements have hierarchy. Scissorrectangles can also be inherited or clipped.
3.7.2006 Mesh Triangle Sampling (v0.93)
vertexarray interface provides function to generate uvs based on vertex triangle indices and barycentric coordinates. Useful for sampling textures of meshes based on ray collision tests.
2.7.2006 Texture resize (v0.93)
resizing user textures is possible.

Lua API changes


28.7.2006 (v0.94)
  • ALL, unproper stack handling resulted in optional arguments of functions being set when they shouldnt.
  • model.load, fat vertex (vertex64) was only possible when normals were enabled.
26.7.2006 (v0.94)
  • l3dnode layer-sets, l3dnode.setlayer function did break things when the l3dnode is deleted. Children now also takeover the parent's l3dset.
  • l2dlinkl3d local transforms, local matrices are now used for linked l2dnodes.
21.7.2006 (v0.94)
  • actornode, lookat reported an error even with correct args
  • scenenoderoot, anything that was linked to scenenode root became invisible
13.7.2006 (v0.94)
  • l3dpgroup, removemulti did not work properly, rotvar toggled colorvar
  • l3dnode renderscale return did not work correctly
  • floatarray lit reported errors when it shouldnt
6.7.2006 (v0.93)
  • vistestbox, the bounding box for visibility culling did not work for "setting" the values manually
2.7.2006 (v0.93)
  • shader, layer command was ignored