October 2006

New features:

11.10.2006 system.force2tex (v0.95)
Added for checking shaders and other stuff for lower end pcs. You can force your system reporting only two texture units.
10.10.2006 Viewer Rewrite (v0.95)
The Viewer was rewritten and got a proper GUI, also got a binding to LuxF3D convertor for easier model conversion and viewing. Next to model viewing the module allows material and particle preview, as well as several options for each resource type.
This forum thread shows its new look and options.
2.10.2006 model anim cache (v0.95)
You can evaluate an animation into a special cache of each model and read the outcoming bone positions from it. Useful for running animations without visual representation (e.g. server side effects).
1.10.2006 vertex/index array addons(v0.95)
The interfaces got some copy functions, so you can build one mesh out of others more easily, you can also pass a matrix for creating a batched mesh of instances. Another addon is more triangle interpolater functions (and fixes to vertexTexcoordTris) for all vertex attributes.


  • matrix16, fixed a glitch with matrix multiplications if a = b * c , and b or c are also a, incorrect results returned.
  • render.notextures didnt affect properly
  • shader, screenmatch texgen mode fixed (internally there was screenmatchstretched which became this one)
  • skydome, sunscreenmatrix wasnt correct for fovs other than 90 degree
  • particlesys, matobject wasnt reset when matsurface changed
  • texture, TEXDOTZ didnt work when base textuer wasnt 64 pixels wide
  • drawbonesnames werent taking local matrices into account
  • animation were not properly played when playspeed was low, now its precise and slow-motion timescaling works well
  • matsurface get didnt work for l3dmodel, and set did not work for l3dprimitive