September 2006

New features:

29.9.2006 Minor stuff (v.095)
Some catmull-rom-spline interpolation functions were added in lua ExtMath?. Matrix class got a copy function, and model.bbox can return a transformed bbox when a matrix is passed.
20.9.2006 Normalmap Textures (v0.95)
Normalization of mipmaps and baking tangent space to a simple greyscale lightmap in case no normalmap support is there.
12.9.2006 List3D? Layers & Particle Drawing (v0.95)
there is now more layers, although each can render a bit less than before (still should be unlikely to hit the limits). The particle rendering is now done at end of each layer, so you can more precisely control when to draw a particlesystem / cloud. (by default they use the last layer of a l3dset).
8.9.2006 TBTerrain? specs (v0.95)
it is more customizable, user can define size of texture atlas, size of visible block and so on.
6.9.2006 TBTerrain? (v0.95)
The long locked tile-based-textured terrain is finally ready for the next release. You can define up to 255 different tiles, on which a total of 8 can be visible per screen. The terrain is rendered with a fixed size and scrolls with the camera. It is ideal for top-down scrolling. The tiles also take care of neighborhood information.Animated GIF (3MB)

4.9.2006 NormalMapping? (v0.95)
Several improvements and bugfixes to the normal map + tangent useage allow use of normalmapping. Model shown is by Per Abrahamsen, more of his art at
3.9.2006 Particle Lightmap/Visflag(v0.95)
particles can have a lightmap. The user defines the projector which generates the UV coordinates for them. Particles can now be toggled depending on camera/l3dview flag. And they will use shaderstageids from l3dviews. That way you can render the same particlesystem multiple times with different shaders, e.g. for heat-distortion effects.
2.9.2006 Shader TexConst?(v0.95)
texconst param can now be used within texture stages, easier than altering lots of material texconsts.
1.9.2006 Auto Screenshot(v0.95)
by pressing F11 or using lua commands you can generate screenshots for every frame. Combined with system.maxfps you can generate image files for videos. Screenshots are now named different as well, so that they are unique numbered per luxinia session.


  • lighting bugs with lightmapped instanced particles
  • shader error, turned all stages to texture stages if the first stage is a colorstage
  • texture.getGL (internal) did not work right, hence after fullscreen toggle cubemaps (such as the built in normalize cubemap...) were corrupted
  • resource.getresname was not set up right for texture
  • particles using lightmapping combined with shaders had no proper texcoords
  • matobject.moControl did not return the right value
  • texture.loaddata2d not working
  • Viewer did not reload certain resources correctly
  • MATERIAL_AUTO didnt forward the alternative resource search path of its caller
  • debug helpers (drawbones...) did not take renderscale of an object into account
  • LuxF3D? fixes with animation handling
  • reschunk reload crashed when on use of default textures, also particlesystems/particleclouds did not remember their users, hence not drawn even when active, after the reload.
  • multi shader materials, using the non-default shaderids crashed
  • basic meshes, the primitive meshes such as quad, box... did not use the fastest way for being rendered.