Use a paddle to strike a ball back against gravity towards the bricks over you. The bricks will fall down. You can collect the bricks and throw them back again. Bricks that fall down will lay there till the end

The game is using ODE for this simulation and cube primitives only.

The game was prototyped within one day and had less than 400 lines of code. Now it has about 800 lines of code and includes a few levels that can be played.

It is planed to introduce lives and more levels and adding a highscore to make the game more interesting. The gameplay will also introduce some kind of timecounter to get over the last remaining stoner more quickly.

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Fetch the ball (costs points)
Hold down the pad and don't throw objects anymore
arrow left/right
Move the paddle

You can use a gamepad or a joystick.


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Actinoids is part of the official distribution since version 0.92 of Luxinia and can be downloaded alltogether with the engine.