When Luxinia reached a state of more stable development, I wanted to create a game that is simple to write but fun to play. Bomberman is one of these games. Since I needed some pawns I could move around the fields, I remembered that I once created a fox and a hare 3d model which were now usefull, as they are natural opponents.

The game itself lacks animations but shows some nice lightning effects. It is written completly in lua - actually a single file containing less than 1000 lines of code, which is quite few... It was completly written within four days and is considered final now. Additional feature are not planned, but it would surely be a nice testing environment when the netcode is implemented.




  • 1 vs 1 Humanplaying on one computer (no computer player)
  • two detailsettings: high and low
  • random created levels


Was distributed with the binary at the Download section 0.9-0.96.