Two (or more) satellites that orbit a central sun are trying to fight each other using collisions and projectiles.


It doesn't have good graphics yet - the primary target was to create a game within a very short amount of time.

The basic game principle was set up in 2 hours (in a train from Hamburg to Magdeburg) with about 300 lines of code. The Netcode and some further little addons took another 200 lines. What took me longer to do was the network interface. I have only very little experience with networking, so it took me a few extra hours to figure out how it could work. The current solution is using only UDP. It has no limit of connected players, except that it slows down very fast, since every projectile is being synchronized at the moment. The real challenge is to reduce the required amount. I will keep on testing this in my little free time I have.

The game itself is pretty simple - which is good to try out new things! It is fun to create a game that contains the very basics of a simple thought within that short amount of time!



Extract to folder and tell Luxinia the location (using the project manager or specifying the path by starting the game with luxinia -p pathofgfight). Start the game.


Control your ship using the arrow keys and fire with the left control key.

You can connect to other players that are running gfight by opening the console of luxinia (F1) and typing con("a.b.c.d") where a.b.c.d must be the IP of the other computer, i.e. Gfight is always starting the server if you start the game. If the connection does not work, gfight will freeze - until you can create a valid connection to a server. Once connection was tried, the own server is disbanded so no other player can connect to your machine (but I haven't tried that out).