This game can be played by up to 8 players using 8 different joypads/joysticks connected via USB on the computer! Just perfect for tournaments on LANs? :)

It was developed together with students here at the university of Magdeburg. In the middle of june, we had the idea to make a electronic soccer cup - next to the real worldcup that took place here in germany. We had about four weeks time for developing and organizing this event, since we wanted to play at July the 8th, the same day when the finals started.

The game was kept fairly simple since we didn't want to scare off the beginners of the course. We've met about 6 times and developed small parts of the game in the course and tested the gameplay - a very essential part of the game. And it was really fun to play! The reason is that the game can be played by parties of up to four players per team - so 8 people can play this game simultaneously using 8 different gamepads connected via USB (Luxinia can handle 16 Joysticks or Gamepads). Each player steers a player on the field (which is controlled like a small car) and has an action button which allows short sprints when no ball is attached to the player, or shooting if the player has the ball. A game lasts 90 seconds for each halftime.

It would be nice to extend the game further - it would have been nice if it was possible to create players and teams in the game and configure the way the cup is played, remembering the settings of the players and so on. However the event was really fun and worth the effort. We even played one hour afte the official part of the cup finished 4 on 4 (the teams had 3 players each during the cup).

The graphical user interface for the configuration is still missing some features ... configuring the keyboard works, but the keys have to be written and are not detected automaticly...


To precisely aim or steer
For movement
sprint when without ball, else shoot. The longer you hold the more power you will put into your shot.

You can use a gamepad or a joystick.



Was distributed with the binary at the Download section 0.93-0.96.