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Engine Runtime & Samples

Engine Source

  • Luxinia 1.x on github
    • source code of engine runtime. Far less tested than above versions. Active development of luxinia1 has ceased, this is a code snapshot of its last state.
    • 13th July 2014


  • Estrela Editor

  • Luxinia F3D Model Toolkit Version 2.2
    • Download
    • 2.2 MB
    • 3DSMax Export, Cinema4D Export plugins
    • LuxF3D f3d conversion/optimizer (.f3d, .mm, .md3, .obj, .3ds, .bsp, .ms3d, .b3d, .fbx, .dae), animation output (.3ds, .ms3d, .b3d, .fbx, .dae). Local 2 tangentspace normalmap conversion.
    • BitFontGen font generator (turn fonts to tga + lua data)
    • File Date: Monday, November 13th 2007, 14:36

  • Luxinia SHD/PRT/MTL , Nvidia Cg Syntax Files 1.4

Other releases