To contact us regarding licensing:
  • license 'at'


Luxinia binaries are distributed freely so you can learn more about our technology. You may also release and publish your own games/tools, however certain rules apply:

  • You may not release sources under GPL, you can keep the project closed-source (ie pre-compile Lua) or release under a different non-viral license.
  • You must hint towards this official site in readme, or project website of your project distribution.
  • You must keep the splashscreen on start or the small ingame logo

More Details

For all versions

The software is provided AS IS, what means, that we DO NOT provide guarantees on the software itself (like any software producer...). Bug reports will be gratefully accepted but there's no guarantee that we are fixing a certain bug (depends on the severity and driver relation).

What about the C-sourcecode?

There is a SDK now in the Download section. Source is released under a mix of MIT and NET-BSD.