Luxinia v0.92

A major release, many enhancements and features were added. The module system was introduced.

  • l3dviews
system to allow multiple cameras and viewports. Support for render to texture (2d or cubemaps)
  • user-textures
you can create textures in lua code, sample their data and write pixels, or use them as rendertargets.
  • user-meshes
models and other nodes can have user-created meshes. The user can define indices and vertices, primitive types and so on. You can write your own 3d file converters if needed, or create procedural geometry.
  • particle
the force system allows timed forces as well as new forces such as "magnet" and "target". The new effects can be controlled from lua and be linked to other nodes. A new global aligned particle function, creates billboards parallel to a user-defined plane.
  • shader
better Cg support for built-in variables, such as billboard offsets or bonematrices.
  • window
resolution is no more fixed, but definable by user.
  • new module system
the new module system completes the documentation on the lua side and includes many new functions and classes that makes developing easier
  • gui
a new module that provides many functions to create graphical user interfaces. Buttons, frames, textfields, skinned frames and labels. More components are planned for the future.
  • autodoc
the new documentation system inside the module system includes now the complete documentation on nearly all functions that are available (this includes the documentation of Lua and the lualibs)
  • lualibs
the LuaFileSystem? and LuaSocket? lib are now part of the official distribution
  • projectmanager
a simple frontend that allows launching last used projects, when luxinia is executed without arguments.

Known Bugs:

  • Timer module, the 3rd and 4th parameter create problems, do not use them.

Compatibilty issues:
  • as lua 5.1 is used the command "for a,b in table do" no longer works but needs to be "for a,b in pairs(table) do".
  • the global variable "thinkCallbacks" no longer exists use the "Timer" module.
  • keyboard handling changed a bit as well, use the "Keyboard" module.
  • many other functions are deprecated but for most of them you will get a warning printed to the os.console.