Luxinia v0.96

The GUI has been rewritten for major speed performances (now makes more efficient use of luxinia's 2d drawing functions). The resource-viewer also got updated with a simple texture painting function. LuaJIT 5.1 is now used as well, so mostly it's a speed-up release.

From now on the Luxinia IDE is also available to the public.

Note: Due to the switch to LuaJit?, the arg variable inside of functions with variable number of arguments are no longer available. You will need to update your functions. For example:

function myfunc(...)
  local arg = {...} -- for full backward compatibility
  arg.n = select('#',...) -- set the number ..
  otherfunc(unpack(arg)) -- deprecated

-- better:
  otherfunc(...) -- correct
  for i=1,select('#',...) do  -- iterate over all arguments

Keyfeatures: Check the Development Logs for the following months (0.96):

Known Bugs:
  • amd64 x2 dual-core must be forced to single 32bit mode