Luxinia v0.97

A major rewrite of internals, hence for the first time the demopackage is less than previous version, as not all demos will be recoded for 0.97.

The biggest change is garbage collection for all api allocated nodes (except resources). This eases development, but also due to magnitude might have created some new bugs. Some notes about it in a special tutorial Tutorial13

The next big feature are improvements to use of shaders/materials as well as a complete new rendercommand mode. Each l3dview can be programmed more detailed, use "UtilFunctions?.simplerenderqueue()" to get a default view setup like in the old versions. Especially lots of render-to-texture specific rendercommands are introduced, and allow enhanced effects such as multiple-render-targets or rendering to float16/32 off-screen buffers.

Windows don't have to remain fixed size, but there are resizemodes that can also make sure a minimum size needs to be kept. As a result the resource viewer is also rescalable now, which makes it more convenient to use.

Keyfeatures: Check the Development Logs for the following months (0.97):