3DSMax Export

3DSMax F3D?

  • Supports:
multiple meshes, helper objects, skinned/physiqued objects, multi-materials, vertexcolors
  • MA (v100)
animation keys of scene, optional snapshot every 'nth' frame

  • Notes:
    • Bitmaps
The bitmap name is used as texture name, not the filename
If the bitmap name contains no filename extensions the filename is copied to the bitmap name.
This was done to allow bitmap names such as "shaders/fx/decal.mtl", which can't be used as bitmap filename.
  • Materials
If the materials name contains .shd, it will generate an automatic luxinia material (MATERIAL_AUTO), using all bitmaps found in submaps of the material. See readme for details.

3DSMax collision

  • Generates a special .lua file that can be processed by the luxinia engine, to recreate collision nodes.
  • Supported:
    • Box
    • Sphere
    • Cylinder
    • Capsule
    • Editable Mesh/Poly (with instancing support)

  • TODO:
    • hierarchy & joint limits for ragdoll