A commandline tool which does:

  • Conversion to F3D model format (v260)
  • Extraction of Animation for MA
  • Optimization of triangle and vertex indices,NvTriStrip
  • Generation of tangents and mesh rebuilding, NvMeshMender

Supported Formats:
  • F3D (v230,v240,v250,v260)
  • MM MotionModel (v106)
  • MD3 Quake3 (first frame used, tags become bones/helpers)
  • 3DS 3D Studio (first frame used for geometry, animation)
loaded with lib3ds
  • OBJ Alias Wavefront (simple meshes, material support)
  • BSP Quake3 BSP conversion (meshes, material support, lightmaps) (based on irrlicht)
  • MS3D Milkshape 3D (meshes, material, vertex weights, animation)
  • B3D Blitz3D? (meshes, material, vertex weights, animations)

Conversion of localspace to tangentspace normalmaps:
  • practical as normalmap renderers dont have a unified way of creating tangentspace, localspace is however more standardised.

3DStudio and Alias Wavefront are trademarks by autodesk
Quake3 is a trademark by idsoftware