Resource Viewer


The resource-viewer comes with the engine in the core lua modules. With it you can view your project's resources, or easier convert models using LuxF3D. (included since v0.95)

It also provides some certain debug features depending on the resource type.

  • Particles: You can change emitter attributes
  • Models: Either load as levelmodel or normal model and apply animations
  • Materials: change the mesh it is displayed on
  • Texture Painting: you can paint and save textures (png,tga) interactively on the model with shaders applied.

You can move the object, light or camera freely.


Just launch luxinia with the "luxinia.exe -v" argument. Make sure that you set proper projectpath when loading the resources, else textures or other depending resources might not be found.

Alternatively you can directly set projectpath and resource from commandline:
(e.g. luxinia -p projects/demos -v car.f3d)