Luxinia User Guide

This is the Luxinia User Guide. It describes the main aspects of the engine and the API. It does not cover the complete Luxinia API, instead it focuses on the most important functionality that is used most of the time.

The UserGuide is using most of the codesamples from the CodeSamples collection. The codesamples contain only the sources, but these may be enough if you just want to see how something is made. The UserGuide will guide you through many classes and gives an outline of working with luxinia.

not complete / up-to-date
Be aware that the UserGuide will mostly be filled with low priority. Until then certain functionality is not described optimally or sometimes the code can contain deprecated functions.

The tutorials shipping with the release (from 0.98 on) should be preferred.


  1. Project setup
  2. Resource management
    1. Model Resources
    2. Animation Resources
    3. Texture Resources
    4. Shader Resources
    5. GpuProgram Resources
    6. Material Resources
    7. Particlesystem Resources
    8. Particlecloud Resources
    9. Sound Resources
  3. Lua scripts
    1. Lua introduction
    2. Programming Concepts
      2. Variables and Values
      3. Tables
      4. Blocks
      5. Functions
      6. Operators
    3. Lua Variables
      1. Nil
      2. Boolean
      3. Number
      4. String
      5. Function
    4. Execution of scripts
    5. Timers and Function callbacks
    6. Garbage collection
  4. GUI
    1. Components
    2. GUI Callbacks
  5. Graphics
    1. Scene management