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# 3dsmax Most scripts / plugins were tested on 3dsmax 5.1, 8 (sp3) 9, 2008, 2009, 2010 (all 32bit) ## LSCM Unwrap ![](../uploads/ArtTools/lscm_horse1.jpg) The plugin/maxscript combination performs UV Unwrapping based on Least Squares Conformal Maps. It is based on the [blender3d](http://www.blender3d.org) implementation by Brecht Van Lommel and Jens Ole Wund. You will set the uv-seams on the object, and the unwrapper will compute uv coords and minimize distortions.
The script now supports proper relative scaling of UV chunks so that it tries to preserve a common texel/unit ratio. With 64-bit versions (untested but included) If the plugin/script for some reason doesn't work, please contact us about it. [3dsmax5.1 -2010 - DOWNLOAD plugin+script - with source v1.0 (1st June 2009)](http://www.luxinia.de/download/arttools/lscmunwrap.zip) ## Edge Straighten ![](../uploads/ArtTools/straighten2.gif) The maxscript allows straighten edges from edge selections. The dialog execute allows setting of distances for outer vertices. A value of 0 means projection of original distance. Outcome depends on length of an edge series within the selection.
For 1 edge, the edge is turned into a 3 edge loop and then straightened with the dialog value.
For 2 edges it is purely straightened
For 3 or more edges it is straightend with the value.

Workflow ideas and testing by Per Abrahamsen [www.per128.com](http://www.per128.com), who also provides some [mini tutorials](http://www.per128.com/pages_tutorials/index.html) in which the script is used [3dsmax5.1 and up - DOWNLOAD script - v0.9](http://www.luxinia.de/download/arttools/CB_EdgeStraighten.mcr) ## AxisFromMouseMove ![](../uploads/ArtTools/autoaxisfrommouse.jpg) This macroscript tracks your mousemovement if activated. When you start a drag in a perspective or user viewport it will find out the best major axis of the mouse drag you currently do and lock the axis to it. Inspired by LightWave and the idea was brought for by [Paul Greveson](http://www.greveson.co.uk). [3dsmax5.1 and up - DOWNLOAD script - v0.8](http://www.luxinia.de/download/arttools/CB_AutoAxisFromMouse.mcr) ## Vertex UVW Color Map ![](../uploads/ArtTools/vmap.jpg) The "Vertex UVW Color" 2D Map allows to use all 99 UVW Channels as source and also comes with a invert checkbox. The plugin only works for 3dsmax5.1, superior versions give the same functionality already natively. ## Vertex UVW/Color Copy ![](../uploads/ArtTools/vcopy.jpg) This macroscript let's you copy one UVW Channel to another, and also from or to Vertex Color / Illumination / Alpha. You can also delete channels. The main idea behind these two tools was to be able to use Vertex Alpha and more Vertex Colors as blend controllers in the material editor. [3dsmax5.1 - DOWNLOAD plugin+script - with source](http://www.luxinia.de/download/arttools/vertexmap.zip) ## Self Intersection Selection ![](../uploads/ArtTools/sitest.jpg) The macroscript performs a selfintersection test on editable mesh objects and selects all faces that have intersection and all edges that are the cause of it. [3dsmax5.1 and up - DOWNLOAD script](http://www.luxinia.de/download/arttools/CB_SelfIntersectSelection.mcr) ## Link Biped to Object ![](../uploads/ArtTools/linkbiped.jpg) The macroscript allows a biped to follow another object. The Biped's horizontal/vertical/turning keys will be modified to match the objects'. Optionally additive or original key useage is allowed. You need to have animation frames in advance, to show an effect. It will not cause the biped to move with the object dynamically. [3dsmax5.1 and up - DOWNLOAD script](http://www.luxinia.de/download/arttools/CB_LinkBipedRoot.mcr)